Hoop Blessings strives to serve our student athletes on and off the court! With our excellent coaching staff we are sure to offer mentorship opportunities in aim to assist in guidance of our student athletes.

Life Skills

We recognize that there is more to life than basketball, and we will try to prepare all our athletes to be upstanding members of their community.

Leadership Growth

Leadership growth here at Hoop Blessings is paramount, regardless of the level of leadership you come into HB with, we are sure you will leave as a much better leader.

Basketball Ministry

We want to empower our coaches and student athletes to know, build and grow their relationship with Jesus Christ and lead others to do the same.

Building Future Leaders In The Next Generation!

Hoop Blessings prepare student athletes to achieve their true potential and grow as student-athletes. With our different programs and training, we have provided a pathway so that all students develop as mature individuals. We also put an emphasis on the discipline of having a healthy mind, body and spirit. We believe that athletic participation helps students in the formation of values that are important in every walk of life and will benefit them in their future.

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Poised For Excellence!

All skill levels and abilities, providing 1:1 attention with our Hoop Blessings trainers.

Our Incredible Gallery

Our basketball coaching methods has showed us that our passion will always be at the heart of our work.

What We Can Offer for You

Depending on your level we can offer you a wide range of options to choose from.

Club Teams

Play for great coaches, against top-level competition, and have an amazing, year round, club team experience.


All skill levels and abilities, Our camps focus on individual skill development, and the importance of fundamentals. 


Come build your skills! All skill levels and abilities. Typically classes are 1 hour and take place year round during the school year.


All skill levels and abilities, Our clinics focus on individual skill development, and the importance of fundamentals. 

Birthday Parties

Looking for an exciting and fun environment to host your son or daughter’s birthday party? Look no further!


Our organization feature Tournaments, birthday parties, corporate events, team building and ect.

Over 5 Years

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Hoop Blessings
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Coaching Experience


Coaches & Mentors



Meets Our Professional Team

The staff at Hoop Blessings incorporates hard work, dedication, determination, responsibility, teamwork, respect for themselves and opponents, strong work habits and relentless effort.