The mission of Hoop Blessings is simple: To prepare all student-athletes to achieve their true potential in academics, athletics and in life. This is reached through providing positive life-skill training as student-athletes are trained to persevere through adversity on the court; the type of situational training that builds character and translates to achievement in the classroom and careers as well.

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Our basketball program guarantees that you will grow as a student, leader, teammate, individual and, of course, basketball player. ​​With our different programs and trainings, we have provided a pathway so that all students develop as a mature individuals. We also put an emphasis on the discipline of having a healthy mind, body and spirit. We believe that athletic participation help students in the formation of values that are important in every walk of life and will benefit them in their future.


We want our student athlete to identify within their self a desire for academics and for the game of basketball. Our staff will assist our student-athletes in applying their desire to succeed in both and help them translate it to talent in both areas. It is our hope to see our student-athletes go on to great things in life and beyond and become a citizen who gives back to others and our community.

Hoop Blessings  instill a sense of achievement which leads to a positive perception for quality leadership skill with teaching our student athletes the basic fundamentals starting with self motivation and confidence, preparing our student athletes for life at the next level​. We aim to promote sportsmanship with education. We strive to maximize each individual's potential, sustain a positive mental attitude and help our student athletes realize the importance of teamwork in achieving life goals. We believe that our program, knowledge, effort, enthusiasm and commitment to excellence will lead a successful life for our student-athletes and help them to pursue their dreams and passion.

Overall, our goal is to expand basketball opportunity for student-athletes to have avenues by fostering the development and application of individual basketball skills, sportsmanship, and team while building self esteem.


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