Be a Champion at All Times!

It’s that time of year again. The best time of year for basketball lovers: Tournament time!

Across the country, action is heating up on the hardwood as division, regional and state championships are won…and March Madness busts brackets and insights pandemonium as our favorite college teams compete for conference championships and gear up to make a run to the Final Four.
Sure, this time of year is exciting. It is an opportunity to showcase individual and collective talent and, hopefully, gel at the right time and accomplish goals. Generally, players compete their hardest in the moments that matter most. And that makes sense. But what if I told you that every moment matters in the journey to success in life and in basketball; that every moment matters most.
I have always had a great deal of respect for athletes and individuals who give their all, all the time; who are accountable to themselves and others regardless of score or circumstance. For these players/people, being a champion is less about the result of any specific contest, and more about holding themselves to a standard of excellence in all things.
Those who put in the work early and late, when it is not seen or cannot be applauded; who commit to playing defense or doing the things that don’t always get the most attention with as much passion as they do shooting the ball or seeing themselves on television…have my utmost respect and are the type of athletes/teammates/human beings I look to coach, mentor and surround myself with.
So keep in mind that, while everyone loves this time of year when our efforts and talents are most visible and rewarded, you develop the mentality of being a champion in all things with each decision you make about how hard you work in each thing you do.
Best of Luck and be blessed..

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