Hoop Blessings, LLC assembles competitive travel AAU teams for both girls and boys between grades 3rd-11th. Our Fall season runs from September through the beginning of November, and consists of approximately 20 games in leagues local to San Diego. Between November and February, we offer a similar 10-15 game slate, and frequent practices and instructional opportunities. The spring and summer tilt begins in March and operates thought the early part of August. This is the most substantive portion of our calendar season, consisting of 30 or more games and intensive team workouts each week with our most dedicated and talented and trusted trainers and staff. Our team will also compete in other leagues and tournaments across California and the other West Coast locales. More information is available for specific travel events and exposure opportunities.


SWAG AND GEAR: New players will receive a welcome packet and gear package from Hoop Blessings, which includes practice and game gear. 


TRYOUTS:  March 10th & 12 for spring and summer. Click link below to register for tryouts!



Each team practices at least two times a week. These practices will generally happen Monday-Friday between the after school/evening hours of 4pm and 8:30pm. Typically, younger teams practice earlier than older teams, while this may not always be the case. 


Hoop Blessings is committed to:

  • Providing student athletes in and around San Diego with elite basketball training and coaching.

  • A focus on academics, and to making this a priority before basketball.

  • Quality training facilities, state-of-the-art training concepts and innovative approaches to helping make your student-athlete the best he or she can be.

  • Mentoring assistance before and after school and, of course, at practice and during games.

  • Psychological training to give our athletes a mental edge in athletics…and every other aspect of life.

  • Fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity and teamwork above any individual or accolades. We succeed together and support one another, no matter what.

  • A world-class experience at a fair price.

NOTE: Our tournaments and travel experiences are an extension of our program focuses, and we expect our core values and training philosophies to be upheld and in display when competing against other teams when travelling.




Girls and Boys in Grades 3rd-11. We do our best to accommodate as many participants as possible. We cannot accommodate anyone due to limited resources and our commitment to making sure your child receives the personal and individual attention he or she deserves. However, our camps and clinics—instructional and fundamentally beneficial, but not as intensive as travel team training—are open to everyone!




Hustle Team: Our Hustle team is exactly how it sounds; it consists of our most advanced, skilled and competitive players for their age group. Elite team players will compete at a high level schedule. Hustle team plays the most and its calendar consists of several travel opportunities. This team requires the most commitment from players and their support systems.


Blue Team : Hoop Blessings’ Blue team is highly competitive and for players who have significant experience and enthusiasm for playing. Our Blue team does moderate travel with a vast majority of games will occur in San Diego/Southern California.


League Team: Hoop Blessings’ League team student athletes are for members who have advanced skills, but still require further instruction and refinement in aspects of the game. Members of this team are players who aspire to play on our advanced teams one day, and have the passion, potential and work ethic to do so. , with most or all games in San Diego.


Academy Practice Team: Hoop Blessings’ Academy Practice Team is a skill training and developmental clinic for players still learning all aspects of the game. The focus of this team is more on individual analysis and advancement rather than team concepts. These players will compete with scrimmages and strategic drill work and repetitions.




Cost varies for each Team/Program/Service Extension.


Please know that Hoop Blessings is committed to providing the highest level of training—from beginner to intermediate to advanced—at the best price possible. We want your student athletes to participate, to learn, grow and improve. We also know what quality quotient of expertise, experience and accolades we bring to the table (or gym).


Specific pricing information can be found on our website, and/or by clicking on our information link. Built into the cost of training, per team and per season at no additional cost is: Use of quality practice facilities, experienced and knowledgeable coaches, travel, entry fees.


Financial assistance may be available in certain situations.




Online registration is available for tryouts, generally live a month or so in advance of the tryout on our website. Signing up for our free mailing list on the website is a good idea, as you will receive an instant notification whenever registration becomes open for a new cycle.


Tryouts are mandatory for every player, every 3 months. It does not matter if you were on one of Hoop Blessings’ teams the previous year, you are required to try-out for our teams again with each new cycle, whereby each student athlete will be evaluated by our coaches. Following tryouts, each student athlete and/or their parent/guardian will be notified if they make a team within 2-3 days. While we do our best to find a spot on each team for everyone who tries out with Hoop Blessings, occasionally lack of staff or resources and the competitive nature of AAU basketball makes it impossible for each player who shows up to make a team. If/when cuts happen, please do not be discouraged. We have teams for everyone.


As mentioned before, we have high standards and want to succeed on the court, but winning is not our top priority…creating an environment of learning, structure, teamwork and a culture where hard work and self-improvement are embraced are most important for us. We want you to be a part of the Hoop Blessings family.



For our student athletes, game play is the most fun part of the Hoop Blessings experience. While we strive to make practice and instructional moments fun and invigorating, kids love to play games. We play most weekends, and strive to be a reliable and responsive source for excellent communication for tournament weekends. We guarantee organization and clear articulation of game location(s)/time(s)/date(s). Of course, in the frenetic world of AAU competition is always subject to change, but we will provide all the information we have about travel weekends and times at the outset of each season. While each event and director differ slightly, on competitive weekends the following is consistent:

  • We will compete in 3 games. Generally 2 games on Saturday and 1 on Sunday, but this is sometimes reversed.

  • Game times are often not set, and can take place anytime between 8am and 8pm so, on travel competitive weekends, it is important to keep schedules as open as possible.

  • Tournament Directors MUST release brackets by Thursday evening prior to a competition weekend, immediately after which our Staff and Coaches will review and then send out to each family via Teamsnap. Please be cognizant to look for emails on Thursday evenings on the eve of travel or competition, as these messages require a response from each family within 24 hours with your availability. We are aware that this timeframe does not allow a great deal of preparation time, and it is a challenge in and of itself to receive schedules so close to competition, but this is the nature of AAU competition.




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