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Social Distance and Personal/Team Safety Protocols:


Like everything we do, keeping everyone safe is going to be a team effort. You can expect all Hoop Blessings Coaches and Trainers to go above and beyond in exhibiting proper personal hygiene as well as implementing and executing sanitization throughout the courts we use. We expect our families to comply as well.

Moving forward:


Pre-registration is required for all training; you cannot just show up. We can best prepare for training when we know exact numbers of athletes participating. You can register ahead of training sessions—as well as pay (more on that below)—by using our app or visiting: https://www.hoopblessings.com


Payment for training sessions can be made in multiple ways…but does NOT include cash. The Hoop Blessings website provides more payment options and information.


Players will NOT be allowed to train if they (or a family member within the home) are feeling unwell or exhibiting symptoms.


Parents/Guardians accompanying you to training MUST wear a mask at all times.. They must also remain socially distanced—a minimum of 6 feet—from other spectators. If this does not happen and spectators are not compliant, we may amend our policy on visitors on the court as some are doing. Let’s do our part.


We will have hand sanitizer stations installed throughout training. Our athletes and visitors are asked to sanitize frequently, especially after touching the face.


We strongly encourage each athlete to wear a mask for the duration of their training session. We know it is uncomfortable, but it is also responsible. Wearing masks have proven to reduce the spread of respiratory particles and, thus, slow and deter the spread.  Coaches will also wear masks at all times. Think of it as another aspect of mental training that will, ultimately, make you that much better of a player.


We will perform standard temperature checks, using a non-contact thermometer, on everyone entering the gym/courts. Anyone with a temperature will not be allowed entry until they return healthy.


We are evaluating the best method of entry and exit, and will have any new route of plan clearly marked and communicate it to you. Keep in mind, this may change among different facilities.


Our athletes are encouraged to bring their own basketball to training sessions, with their names clearly written on it. Doing this helps reduce contact and spread of multiple people touching the same basketball. If you are unable to bring your own basketball, please let us know ahead of time and we will provide one for you.


Please bring your own water bottle as well.


Hoop Blessings staff will be proactive in sanitizing the everything frequently and fully. We are spacing out training sessions with 10-15-minute intervals, during which we will spray and sanitize the are and all stations. 


If you arrive early to a training session, please DO NOT come on the court. While we generally encourage being proactive in everything, at this time, we will be busy sanitizing and preparing for your training session ON TIME. Please remain in your car until it is time to train.


Our schedule may be slightly different from before the shutdown, so please look out for email blasts or check our website/app for more information on specific training times and locations.


Hoop Blessings can also provide masks to any player or parent/guardian who needs one. 


As we always say, you are our greatest blessing! We love you and will do everything in our power to provide the best training, while also making the health and safety of you and those you love our number one priority. We will be following CDC recommendations/guidelines, as well as adhering to laws and best-practices in the state of California and San Diego County.


We believe in the beauty and vitality of the game of basketball, and are confident we can provide a sterile and healthy environment where you can be safer than ever, while also improving your skills and connecting with the friends and teammates we know you miss. We sure miss you. Sure, things have changed a bit, but the things that matter most have not. We will see you soon.


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