Empowering Female Student Athletes

Hoop Blessings’ Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) club team is a top notch basketball experience that is comprehensive, competitive and helps players develop and hone skills against strong competition. The experience of playing on the AAU circuit assists our players in becoming complete and elevating their game.


The staff at Hoop Blessings incorporates hard work, dedication, determination, responsibility, teamwork, respect for themselves and opponents, strong work habits and relentless effort. We empower our athletes with training on and off the court, to give them a competitive edge both on the court and in the ever-important mental aspects of the game. We believe in both positive reinforcement and also instituting demanding standards and holding our athletes accountable to meeting these standards. Sport should reinforce life skills, and basketball is a sport that does just that.


We maintain integrity in every aspect of our training, and promise to uplift and reinforce your student athlete in the process of setting a high bar for them to aspire to. Winning is great, but we place a premium on character and development of the student athlete as a complete person and student before success on a basketball court, as this is where they will need the most discipline and structure for a majority of their lives.​.

Youth Winter Tryout Info

Tuesday December 17th, 2019


3rd-5th Grade 5:30PM to 7:00PM

6th-8th Grade 7:00PM to 8:30PM 

Youth Program Practice Info

Tuesday & Thursday 5:30PM to 8:30PM


Tierrasanta Recreation Center​​​ (11220 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, CA 92124)

For more information please contact info@hoopblessings.com

Youth Program Finances

Here is the financial information to be apart of our youth program:


Our club program has 4 season, 3 months each. We only accept commitments for the entire 3 month season.


Winter: December - March

Spring: March - June

Summer: June - August

Fall: September - December

If you need payment plan options we can break down total cost into 2 payments that you will be required to set up with autopay. Along with autopay you must sign a financial agreement committing to making all payments in full.


For all financial questions please reach out to us info@hoopblessings.com


Skill training and developmental for players still learning all aspects of the game. 

  • 1-2 practices per week

  • 1 seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)

  • 10 practices/trainings

  • $200 (including Practice Jersey)

  • 20 practices/trainings

  • $300 (including Practice Jersey)​


League team are for members who have advanced skills, but still require further instruction and refinement in aspects of the game.

  • 2 Practices per week

  • League games on the weekends (usually 8-12 in a season)

  • $350 returning Players

  • $500 for new players (includes uniform) (can be paid in 2 installments)



  • Local: $55.00 per player

  • National: $75.00 per player


Most advanced, skilled and competitive players for their age group. Elite team players will compete against a Division I or II AAU schedule.​

  • 2 Practices per week

  • League games on the weekends (8-12 in a season)

  • 2+ tournaments during the season

  • 3-5 games


  • 6 Tournaments (regional and local)

  • $750​

  • $900 for new players (includes uniform) (can be paid in 4 installments)

      Girls 2020 Tournament Schedule

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